Its been a while since I posted anything, I’ve just been head down butt up piecing together projects and scoping out new ones.  You never stop learning in this field so its about time I started sharing knowledge again.

I build a lot of data centric apps, and although iOS makes it easy to create settings (by adding a settings.bundle) and manage these via the ‘Settings’ app, sometimes it just nicer UI to be able to change the settings from within your app, especially when its something you might expect a user to do often e.g. refresh data from a webservice.

The best resource I have found to help do this is an open source SDK called ‘InAppSettingsKit’ – this is an API that does exactly what it says on the box!  You specify your settings.bundle, load up your plist and then you can load all this up as a screen in your app.  The SDK also features many other neat options – such as including buttons in your settings page that can trigger an action, icons, changing alignment, etc.

These guys have put a lot of work into this and it is very easy to use, check it out!

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