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Sydney based, with international contacts, Blue Sun is more than just a software company, offering tailored solutions to your needs in CRM, mobile application development and robotics.
Complex business rules? Unusual practises? Let us analyse and suggest how your processes can be improved using cutting edge techniques. Then let us use these to improve them for you.
Necessity is the mother of all invention. Bring us your needs and let’s see what we can achieve together through creativity, practically and a little bit of drive.

Blue Sun Software provides a range of varied services, and more often than not, you’d be surprised at what we can help you achieve.

CRM Solutions:

Working mainly through Salesforce integration and customisation, Blue Sun can help you identify, analyse and produce solutions to all of your CRM needs and issues.


Handy with prototyping and programming, Blue Sun are able and willing to help you get on top, finalise or bring to life your budding ideas.

Mobile Apps:

Working in the past on the development of both iOS and Android apps, Blue Sun can assist you with every step in the process, from idea to distribution.

The process we use with our customers and clients is simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

How It Works:

See how easy bringing your idea to life can be.Get Started


Blue sun has over seven years of software development experience, working in multiple fields with customers from across the world. Over four hundred of them, to be exact. This experience and our connection with people from across the world allows us to bring you the most up to date and relevant information and techniques and apply them to your project.

Meets Realism

We understand that your business or that your project can be stressful and it can be time-consuming. That’s why we take responsibility for our part in your journey, and from initial consultation to your final result, we are dedicated to taking the weight off of your shoulders. We can work as closely with or as independently from you as you’d like, allowing you do things your way.


Implementing software solutions in your business might seem like a challenge, but we are here to help make your job easier. Regardless of the type of business you run, we offer solutions from Salesforce integration to in-house app development, to solve issues from basic CRM solutions to management to tracking and distribution. Whatever your issue is, we’ll see how we can use the powerful tools at our disposal to help you run your business smoothly.



So many people believe that just because they’re going at it on their own – whatever it might be – they don’t really need software support for their project. Whether you’re running a business from home, doing freelance work on the side or collecting donations for charity, there are a plethora of software innovations that can make your day-to-day life less stressful and more organised, helping you to just do what it is you’re doing. Whatever you’re working on, let Blue Sun cut out the fat of it with tailored software solutions or assistance.



Haven’t even begun your project? Not sure what it is exactly that you want to achieve? If you’ve the the smallest of ideas – from creating robots that you can move with your smart phone to developing a program to help you hire the best members for your dream business – Blue Sun would be happy to help. We love innovators, we love creators and we love darers. Most of all, we love helping these people achieve their dreams – the ones that everyone else has called ‘unrealistic.’

Certified Salesforce developers, Blue Sun can make this powerful suite of tools do what you want it to do.
We’re specialists in the fields of electronic platform stabilisation, but make us a challenge and we’ll meet it
Java Development
From standalone multithreaded data processing algorithms to enterprise Java Webapps, we’re Java experts with over seven years experience.
PHP Integration
Certified PHP engineer with over 5 years experience, we apply a framework driven approach to make PHP work for you.
C++ & Python
With years of experience in these fields, we are happy to help you apply high-level programming to any project you have.
Don’t speak Tech?
Don’t understand what any of this means? All we’re saying is that we’re very good at what we do, and we’ll do all the tech-heavy work for you.