This is the second post in a series paying homage to those developers whom make great iOS code and release it open source.  I’ll join you soon!

I recently built a b2b app that required use of a easy-to-use calendar, and I didn’t want to go down the route of creating events with EKEventKit and then managing them with the device’s ‘Calendar’ app.  I wanted to provide a seamless user experience, and enable creation, editing and deletion of events in a user – friendly way from within my app environment.

Unsurprisingly, there is no out-of-the box implementation of a calendar for iOS.  Luckily there is Tapku library!

Tapku is more than just a calendar – its a day planner, coverflow emulator, HTTP request wrapper, progress indicator – a whole suite of UI goodness to incorporate into your application.

The sample app on GitHub shows how to get coverflow and the progress indicators up and running – I found a great resource for understanding how the calendars (and a brief introduction to EKEventKit) here:

You can download Tapku from Github: – again thanks Devin for providing such a great resource!