On top of the mobile development, robotics, camera gimbals, and generally just being techy (haha) I’ve also been working in depth with Salesforce for the past year.

CRM can be pretty dull and painful, I’ve worked with CRM for a large number of years now, usually in the capacity of building b2b mobile applications. I was introduced to Salesforce and was actually quite impressed, its an exceptionally useful platform that can do quite a lot in a small amount of invested effort. I’m going to kick off here a few articles that will help get around some stumbling blocks I’ve found.

A client of mine wished to limit the creation of Opportunities within Salesforce to just those generated from a lead conversion, or from a Contact (not an Account). Thats fine – we just remove the ‘New’ button from everywhere except the Contacts page.
Problem: on the Opportunity tab, there lies a ‘New’ button that can’t be switched off from anywhere in Salesforce, unless you remove create permission from the profile. Arrgh!

The approach that I took was that everything else on the Opportunity home tab was useless anyway, except for the Opportunity Lists. We could substitute a visual force page for the tab.

Here’s how I went about it:
– Create a new page called ‘Opportunity Home’
– Add the following visual force markup:

<apex:page showHeader="true" tabstyle="Opportunity">
<apex:sectionheader title="Opportunities" subtitle="Home"></apex:sectionheader>
    <apex:ListViews type="Opportunity" />

– In ‘Customise->Opportunities->button links and actions’, edit the action for ‘Opportunities Tab’ and replace it with the visual force page as above.

Done! If you needed the reports or something else to pop up on there then just add the relevant visual force component.