Salesforce is a brilliant product, no doubt about that.

Where it lets itself down however is it’s licencing model.  Salesforce licencing is prohibitively expensive for small businesses – when you only need your customer records, a couple of small customisations, and 2-3 people that may log in to see these records 5-10 times a day, paying up to $4500 a year for 3 enterprise licences for your CRM is a bit too much.


We understand this.  Thats why we are putting considerable research into a relatively new product on the market – Caspio Bridge.  Caspio isn’t a CRM like Salesforce – it’s essentially software to make other software.  If your business manages customer data, but has a few extra pieces of information tied to that data (e.g. for a Dentist, perhaps you have ‘patient’, and then tied to each patient a ‘consultation’ record, where a patient may have many consults) that is not accounted for by out of the box CRM like Salesforce, then Caspio might be your solution.  Pricing is much more in line with small business (around $960 AUD per year for the cloud hosted, whole application, regardless of how many people/accounts are using it).

Stay tuned – as we familiarise ourselves with this we will keep you posted.