Our team of dedicated software engineers, developers and tech-geniuses have been working together for over 7 years and have together worked on over four hundred projects spanning the software world


Company was launched in the winter of 2007

Our Approach

Blue Sun Software, since it’s conception, has been dedicated to providing passionate service that creates easy to use solutions for software issues or needs. We do this through extensive consultation with our clients, ensuring we fully understand their requirements and that they fully understand their options. We analyse all possible approaches to a situation, taking into account all variables, and in consultation with the client, work to create a solution that is right for them.

We believe communication is at the heart of getting these projects right, so we like to work closely with our clients, but we can also work independently to free up the busier of our clients.

Our Skills


We like to provide a holistic approach to software solutions, creating not only something that will work, but something that is adaptable, flexible and easy to use. We understand that not everyone speaks the language of technology, and so we don’t bog you down with our crazy tech words or confusing programs – Blue Sun creates solutions that are just simply solutions, not solutions that will work against you to create more problems.


We also love working with people to help develop projects in the fields of prototyping and robotics, and we are extremely fascinated by the possible connections between iOS devices and robots. We love the idea of using the power of a smartphone for other things, and we love working with clients on projects that push the boundaries of what has been done. We don’t care if you think it’s possible or not – we will try to find a way to help you with your project. We have also in the past worked on many projects involving camera triggering, from remote triggers to motion activated triggers, we are specialists in this field and would love to work with you on your own project.


We have also in the past worked on the development of many iOS and Android Apps. But, in this day and age, who hasn’t? What makes Blue Sun different, and what makes choosing us above the rest of the pack worthwhile. We believe it is our drive to see you succeed. If you’re developing an in-house app for your business, we don’t only want to help you build this app, but we want your business to run smoothly. If you’re creating an app to profit, we want to watch you succeed and enable you to do so. We’re a part of our journey and we believe we’re one of the few companies in the world who will help you achieve what you want, not just help you create what you need.


We like to use our knowledge in these somewhat unknown fields to help other people, and we believe part of doing that is sharing our knowledge. Whether it is through our projects or through small guest lectures or our blog posts, we are attempting to help spread technology and awareness of it’s essentially unlimited power throughout the world. We understand the world is changing and is becoming more and more reliant on technology as a base on which to function, and we want to be involved with this change, and educate others on how they can be too.